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An Iphone game from 2012

Back when the Iphone was first launched I was teaching a games technology course at a college in West London. We were using a relatively new game engine called Unity. I was quite impressed with the ease with which it was possible to create playable content using this engine. In comparison to the alternatives at the time which were mostly closed source proprietary engines. Alternatively, they were clunky command line driven first and second gen engines based on ID Techs doom engine.

Not long after I started teaching with Unity they offered the possibility of building for IOS. I thought I had to have a go at this and so set about making a whole game. It was fairly small in scope but it took a surprising amount of time. It was coded in C# and I eventually published it on the App store.

Like many Iphone developers, I didn’t really make any money but it was an interesting experience.

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