Deepfake Video

Deepfake videos are all the rage at the moment. This is basically using some kind of AI system to synthesise a fake video of someone. Usually this is done by superimposing someone else’s face on to another person.

I managed to get sometime on a high end GPU AI setup and try it out for myself. This is a video of me with Keanu Reeves face super imposed on top. Now, the quality is not fantastic but this was done by training an AI model on footage of Keanu Reeves using an AI setup with a GPU which had about 32 gigs.

This setup is provided for free by Google to researchers (I am not a bonafide researcher so my runtimes kept getting kicked). With a short amount of time this was the best I was able to get. But it demonstrates the principle of how this could work and with better hardware and more time much better results could be achieved. THe playback speed is a little fast but can be set to half.

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