August 2021

The Ascent First Person View

The Ascent is a superb looking Cyber Punk game made in the Unreal Engine. Having taught students how to use the old Unreal Development Kit for several years in the UK I was curious to check out the graphics in more detail. So I fired up the Universal Unreal Unlocker and had a look around…Read more

Microsoft Arcade

One of the fun things about teaching is being able to play with stuff like this. Microsoft arcade is such a fun way to teach real programming concepts and techniques. I am currently working with my students to build a zombie game using Arcade. Microsoft Arcade Zombies Made with ❤️ in Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. Microsoft…Read more


I do miss the old photoshop. I knew where I was with it. Plus I don’t particularly like the subscription model Adobe now use. So it was great to find It looks and feels so much like the old photoshop from the late 90’s. My muscle memory seems to know where everything is. Its…Read more