have been having fun with the Midjourney AI image generator. Midjourney’s art is a unique blend of creativity and technology that is sure to leave you mesmerized. What sets it apart is the use of AI to create stunning pieces of art that are both beautiful and innovative. The style and composition of each piece…Read more

Microbit remote controlled car

The school I teach at has recently purchased a number of microbits. I thought it might be fun repurposing the Arduino cars we had as microbit cars. This has actually turned out to be an excellent combination. The microbits are very easy to setup with a wireless connection. The pin outputs have to be researched…Read more

ESP32 VR Controller

I recently bought a couple of ESP32s to try and build a VR controller. This was inspired by my desire to make a cheap VR controller to use with my Note 9 phone rather than spending thousands of dollars on a VR setup. I was very surprised at how well VR worked on my phone…Read more

Old Lightwave Anim

Many years ago I began creating animations on Lightwave using an Indigo Imac. I am surprised to still have a simple animatic of this animation lying around. It has examples of my obsession with pylons and monoprints done at university.

Teaching AppLab

Starting a new project now with the secondary students. We are going to be designing apps using code.org‘s applab. I have just had a play with this and it is simple and intuitive. It also builds on the javascript that the students learnt to use on Microsoft Arcade.