my work

Three JS Experiment

I have been meaning to do some stuff with three js for ages. A few years ago I did some interactive visuals using Openframeworks in C++ on a white unibody Macbook. Three js is pretty comparable to Openframeworks now and the power of most laptops means that running these kind of interactive visuals through the…Read more

Microsoft Arcade

One of the fun things about teaching is being able to play with stuff like this. Microsoft arcade is such a fun way to teach real programming concepts and techniques. I am currently working with my students to build a zombie game using Arcade. Microsoft Arcade Zombies Made with ❤️ in Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. Microsoft…Read more

Fun with Blender

Occasionally I like to have some fun with Blender. I have taught with Blender for over 10 years and have seen it become an industry dominant software tool. Two of my favourite addons are Boxcutter and DECALmachine they both make modelling machine structures a lot of fun. Above is an example of something I have…Read more

3D Modelling

3D modelling and sculpting is something I love doing. I first learnt to model on Lightwave back in the early 2000’s and have used and taught with many 3D modelling applications such as Maya, Mudbox, Sketchup and others but I particularly like Blender and have been using it for over 10 years now. I often…Read more

Open Frameworks

When completing my Masters at Ravensbourne I created some interactive pieces using OpenFrameworks. I have to say I absolutely love the forgiving nature of OFx. You can hack away at the code without really breaking anything. It is great fun to work with and more like scripting than working with C++. For the most part…Read more

What’s in a name

Some years ago I used to publish software on Iphone. I published under the name Death By Pixel – DBP. Having ceased doing that some years ago I decided to launch a portfolio site under a different name. Playing around with ideas I saw the typographic potential of dbqp. It’s kind of like a typographic…Read more

Monsieur Boing

An Iphone game from 2012 Back when the Iphone was first launched I was teaching a games technology course at a college in West London. We were using a relatively new game engine called Unity. I was quite impressed with the ease with which it was possible to create playable content using this engine. In…Read more