I have been teaching in STEM since before (2004) the whole idea became fashionable. Its great to see the buzz around STEM based subjects now as I always believed it was a very important subject area. The growth in the prominence of STEM took me some what by surprise. I had spent several years teaching games, animation and interactive web based subjects in colleges in London. I had frequently encountered the problems of getting funding for these courses as they were often seen as expensive and not as lucrative as other subjects (such as theory based subjects). So I am fantastically relieved to see this area as a curriculum priority throughout the world.

It is in fact a kind of nexus of different disciplines that essentially all come together around technology. We are trying to equip students with the knowledge and skills to conceive, innovate and build technology using a wide range of disciplines, such as science, engineering, programming, 3D manufacture and design (plus some others). It is actually this multidisciplinary approach that is one of the most interesting things about STEM.